Nicole Isifu Owner

“As I grew up, seeing and experiencing how hard life is in this cunning and harsh world, I had the determination to take a step forward to make a change for the betterment of tomorrow. The future of this young nation relies on this young generation. Therefore, I would like to urge young Papua New Guineans to have the determination to learn and expose what they think is best for the nation.” Nicole Isifu, 2017

AgBook is a training and advisory services company that believes by professionalising agriculture and introducing new technologies, agribusinesses will improve profitability, farmers will reap more benefit and youth will be attracted to the sector.

AgBook assists farmers to learn financial and business concepts and attain the skills required to enable them to play a key role in driving the acceleration in growth of their business and the agriculture sector. It enables youth and their families to learn and improve their knowledge, change their attitudes and enhance their skills needed for farm commercialisation and increasing their incomes – while working on their own farms.

Farmers will understand the dramatic changes that are taking place in farming worldwide, including the greater connectivity of people around the world (globalisation), the opening of markets to new players (liberalisation), and rapid urbanisation where many people are flocking to cities.

Farmers are living in a more competitive and compliance driven world and need to intensify their existing patterns of production and diversify their farm enterprises to improve their livelihoods. Technical know-how is not enough. In order to be competitive and take advantage of the new opportunities that are arising farmers increasingly must adapt their farm business to market changes and improve efficiency, profitability and income. PNG youth need to take a leading role in adapting to these changes.

The desire to increase income by taking advantage of market opportunities requires farmers to become better decision makers and better at competing in this new environment. The emphasis on the market and the need of farmers to be competitive, calls for better farm management skills. Farm business management skills and knowledge are important for farmers to effectively respond to present day farming challenges.

Farm management advice helps farmers to make the right choice between crop enterprises according to individual levels of financial, labour and land availability and at their level of risk adversity. As current farmers age, it is becoming increasingly important that youth have the knowledge and skills to make the right choices to take advantage of market opportunities.

The resources that AgBook use are not new. They have been drawn from the extensive research and work of the Food and Agriculture Organisation and other organisations who are committed to rural farmer development the world over and promote the use of their resources. AgBook seeks to ensure that the valuable resources go beyond a book and are used to benefit the many rural farmers who seek to benefit from this changing world.