Testimonies to farming as a business

I think we can all agree this year has been unusual and difficult for many people and organisations alike.  For AgBook, like many other businesses, we have not been able to get out as much as we would like.  We have run numerous free training sessions as part of our farming as a business program to support our community of farmers and developed other activities to include in the sessions.

This month I thought I would share with you some of the feedback we have received from our programs so far.  We work hard to ensure our farmers learn something and constantly review our content to include practical ideas we learn through the sharing of experiences through the farming as a business program.  Please enjoy our participants comments:

“Thank you Nicole and AgBook.  This was an eye opener for me especially regarding my cash flow.  I realised how much I have been wasting by not having that savings culture.  I also learnt to identify when and whether I can make a “big” purchase by reading my cash flow”

“A well presented session based on relevant and easy to learn concepts”

“Professional approach was very good and additional support by the practical life story of Tatu Daniel”

“The money is well invested”

“The training was good and most simplified which is very much appreciated”

“Very good informative and has enhance me to start SME venture into agriculture business”

“The training has given me a lot of ideas. Very friendly environment.  It was understandable in a pleasant training atmosphere.”

“Thank you so much Nicole.  I’ve learnt a lot today. I definitely will put it into practice and one day if everything goes well I’ll tell doubters that you taught me to be positive and always be business minded”

“Thank you for everything, I can make my own cash flow now”

“Material made simple and the flow through of the information clear and detailed and easy to understand.  Some expressions of information in “Tok Pisin” would be encouraged.

“A very helpful program and I suggest it should be done in the wards because that’s where the majority of farmers live and most are too shy to come out and attend workshops in the town urban areas.  Lastly am looking forward to attend the next workshop”

“Cash flow trees = Top! Very good tool to teach farmers”

“Your services will definitely be sough in upcoming projects by Growers”

AgBook is committed to making sure our participants enjoy the programs and can take what they learned back to their farms so they can become more profitable and provide their families with the choices they want to make in life.

Until next month.

Warm regards
Nicole Isifu
August 2020