Our programs are delivered within the framework of a Farming Family Development Roadmap. Through a structured process we aim to initially inspire farming families to consider new ways of doing things, introducing business concepts through free introductory programs and facilitating different conversations though AgFutures, a growing network of people seeking to contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea.

Secondly, we seek to introduce new concepts and practice, covering a range of important topics across business management, marketing and financial management. Topics are graduated through various levels as outline below:

Getting started

A series of workshops and programs that establish the basics for farmers to understand farming as a business across each of the key business development areas of management, marketing and financial management

Business growth

A series of workshops and programs that build on the basics and provide farmers with more advanced knowledge on a series of topics that will improve their farms profitability and resilience to shocks

Freedom of choice

Customised to suit the farmer, this category seeks to assist farming families make choices about their business and financial future, covering topics such as leadership, family teams and other investments.

Finally, our programs take purposeful action and aim to transform new skills and knowledge into ongoing behaviour. Our Market garden investment fund assists groups to invest and develop a community garden, applying their new knowledge and giving them confidence to transform their own family gardens to a small business. The graduate mentoring program will be an opportunity for past participants of AgBook programs to give back to their communities by supporting the implementation of business plans.

The Farming Family Development Roadmap