Training Programs

The Farming Family Development Roadmap

Our programs are delivered within the framework of a Farming Family Development Roadmap. Through a structured process we aim to initially inspire farming families to consider new ways of doing things, introducing business concepts through free introductory programs and facilitating different conversations though AgFutures, a growing network of people seeking to contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea.

Secondly, we seek to introduce new concepts and practice, covering a range of important topics across business management, marketing and financial management. Topics are graduated through various levels as outline below:

agbook learning development framework

Future Events

AgBook will be designing and delivering a variety of value-added programs, including:

– Various supply chain systems – e.g. chickens, pigs etc
– Downstream processing – e.g. chocolate making
– Financial management
– Marketing

We will also look at opportunities to diversify training to other industries, for example:

– Related agribusinesses
– Tourism
– Sewing